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Industry EMI

Industry EMI Courses Subsidies

Industry EMI Courses 

English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) aims to teach knowledge from a variety of different professional fields and build up the bilingual teaching/learning environment at NTNU to elevate the competitiveness of international higher education. This project aims to assist the university to promote teaching in English, develop support systems for instructors teaching in English, introduce international instructors with experiences of teaching in English abroad, and building environments for full English -learning. 
Industry EMI Courses are courses where there is at least 1 course taught by an industry professional or organized as an industry tour/internship. 

Items Subsidized By the EMI Project

1. Hourly fees of the non-faculty instructor
2. Travel expenses of the non-faculty instructor 
3. Other expenses for industry tours/internship projects 

Application for the hourly fees and travel expense fees for industry EMI courses industry instructors

Instructors planning to open industry EMI courses can contact the EMI assistants in the NTNU colleges and provide course structures, fee estimation, and list of industry instructors for the Office of Academic Development (OAD) to register and apply for funds.
After registering, the instructors/teaching assistants of industry EMI courses should provide the Attendance Fee (Consultation Fee) Sign-in Sheet and receipts for reimbursement. At the end of the semester, the industry EMI courses should provide result reports of the courses. 
For the formats of the aforementioned forms, please see the files at this link.

Contact: Ms Alina Fang at the Office of Research and Development, #5675,