National Taiwan Normal University Thesis/Dissertation Research Study Incentive Program

Participants and Application Details
(I) Participants: The Thesis/Dissertation Study Program shall be applicable to students whose primary goal is to learn and are not in an employer/employee relationship in which remuneration for services rendered is present in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Principles for Ensuring the Rights of Scholarship and Assistantship Student Recipients as Teaching Assistants at Institutions of Higher Education, as well as those who participate in research projects or courses related to the topic of their thesis/dissertation, receive guidance from an instructor when conducting the research project, learn and engage in research practices, and aim to enhance their research abilities and gain research results.
(II) Application timeframe: The Thesis/Dissertation Study Program is always open to applicants; however, advising faculty and students shall jointly define and implement the duration and schedule of the program in accordance with the student's learning goals and circumstances, as well as the future undertaking of the student's thesis/dissertation.
(III) How to apply: Both student and professor are required to jointly fill out a Student Thesis/Dissertation Research Study Incentive Program Application Form  prior to the undertaking of the study program.