National Taiwan Normal University Principles for Handling Incorrect Country Name on Papers Published in International Journals and Personnel Attending International Academic Conferences

  • 2022-12-19
  • Division of Research Coordination
  • Others Law

 I. National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) established these principles in accordance with Letter Tai-Lu-Zi No. 1000164032 dated September 8, 2011, Letter Tai-Lu-Zi No. 1000201861 dated November 4, 2011, Letter Tai-Jiao-Wen(1)-Zi No. 1070217883 dated December 14, 2018, and Letter Tai-Jiao-Gao(5)-Zi No. 1080026798B dated March 11, 2019 from the Ministry of Education (MOE).

II. The recommended country name to be used on papers published by NTNU or personnel attending international academic conferences is as follows; however, "Taiwan, Province of China," "Taiwan, China," "Taipei, China," "Chinese Taiwan," or other names that lower Taiwan's status as a country will not be accepted.
(I) Formal country name: "Republic of China", "Republic of China (Taiwan)"
(II) International practice: "Taiwan," "(City name), Taiwan," "Taiwan, R.O.C.," "Academic institution + City name."

III. Method for handling incorrect country name:
(I) The paper's author or personnel attending international academic conferences shall immediately request the international journal or organizer of the international academic conference to correct the country name listed in Article 2. Please refer to the template provided in the Patterns and Recommendations for Incidents of Incorrect Country Name on Papers from Projects Subsidized by the NSTC Published in International Journals and Experts and Scholars Attending International Academic Conferences.
(II) The author of the paper or participant in the international academic conference shall actively notify grade-1 and grade-2 departments and the NTNU Office of Research and Development, continue to follow and update information, and fill out an incident record form (see attachment) for NTNU to retain for future reference.
(III) If the request is unsuccessful, the Office of Research and Development will issue a letter to the Ministry of Education and overseas offices to provide assistance. If the country name is not corrected, it is recommended to withdraw from the conference or demand that the paper be removed.