National Taiwan Normal University Guidelines for Promoting Interdisciplinary Groups

Subsidy target:



(1) The establishment of a special interest group (SIG) is subsidized. Teaching and research personnel at NTNU assume the position of convenor and invite three or more (in addition to the convenor) experts specializing in various fields to create an SIG for a given subject (non-NTNU group members must not account for one-third of the research team, and personnel from the same NTNU department must not exceed one-half of the NTNU teaching and research personnel in the team). Periodic assemblies and research subject–related events will be held to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction, proposal development, paper publication, and international cooperation.



(2) The establishment of cross-college and cross-center research teams is subsidized. The general convenor position must be assumed by college deans or vice deans, university-level center directors, or directors of departments of comparable levels or above. The team members must include at least five teaching and research personnel from two or more colleges or university-level centers. The team members will work together to establish team performance indicators and compete for external resources (e.g., governmental programs, industrial–academic collaboration projects, international cooperative projects, or establish interdisciplinary research centers).



Events to be subsidized:



(1) Group meetings or symposia: Personnel from related fields will be invited to participate in group meetings or symposia to encourage academic research, project applications, and discussion of potential cooperation.



(2) Keynote speech: Domestic and foreign scholars and experts may be invited to give keynote speeches at NTNU or through online platforms (at least 1 hour for each speaker per session).



(3) Data collection: Data will be collected and published depending on the requirements of the project.



Qualifications for subsidy :



(1) Applicants who possess the qualification in paragraph 1 of Section 2 can receive a subsidy of NT$50,000 for each team. Applicants who possess the qualification in paragraph 2 of Section 2 can receive a subsidy of NT$100,000 for each team. A maximum of 20 teams can receive a subsidy annually. Each team can be subsidized no more than once per year.




(2) The standards for budgeting are based on regulations regarding reimbursement for various expenses by NTNU. The budget is finalized before December 31 of each year. Remaining funds that be reserved in accordance with the regulations of  NTNU Annual budget reserved process can be used before December 31 of the next year. New applications are not allowed while a budget is being received.