National Taiwan Normal University Budgeting and Progress Reporting Policy for NSTC Projects

NSTC's rules
A.In an attempt to ensure sound practices in budgeting and progress reporting (including interim progress report, end-of-project report, and overseas visit report) of NSTC-sponsored projects, NSTC's letter dated December 6, 2012 had stated that failure to perform budgeting or progress reporting promptly will render the project host ineligible for future NSTC projects and may be subject to penalties depending on the severity of such delay.
B.NSTC had amended its project sponsorship guidelines and budgeting rules on July 30, 2012 that NSTC shall recover any fictitious or abusive claims for project expenses or any management fees paid to the institution if such offense is discovered. The amounts to be recovered by NSTC may be one to three times the fictitious/abusive claim, depending on severity.
To avoid adverse impacts on NTNU's (and project hosts') eligibility to apply for NSTC projects, project hosts are required to complete all budget claims within three months after a project ends, and no claims will be accepted five months after a project ends. All budget claims need to be reported via NSTC's online system, with "Budget Statement" and "Budget Alteration Report" submitted to facilitate NTNU's claims from NSTC.

Incidents where participants fail to complete project closure or submit budget claims properly, and therefore result in NSTC recovering expenses it has paid and reducing future subsidies for NTNU, will be handled as follows.
1.Starting from the year NTNU is asked to refund NSTC subsidies or has its project budgets reduced (including management fees), the project host will not be eligible to apply for the various subsidies and rewards provided by the Research and Development Department.
3.The project host shall be liable to repay NTNU any subsidies (including management fees) recovered by NSTC.