Innovation-Oriented Trilateral Proposal for Young Investigators of NTU SYSTEM

Application Qualification:
i.The full-time instructors and researchers in NTU System, which include at least one member under the age of 45, and apply before the deadline.
ii.Personnel for NTU System project is limited to full-time instructors and researchers of three schools.
iii.The term of the project is 2 years. If one obtains the approval of multi-year project, it shall submit annual report as a proof of achieving anticipated performance. And only when three schools promise to continually subsidize can the second year’s budget be issued.
iv.For the application that has got the subsidy, it shall submit project application and relevant result as proof.
v.For the applicant that has implemented this project for three times, it shall submit the application record of Ministry of Science and Technology’s or other government agencies’ integrated projects, and the projects shall have relevant research topics mentioned in the preceding provisions.