Office of Research and Development

Division of Research and Industry Liaison
Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorDr. Chun-Hu Cheng(02)77491334EmailSupervise and synthesize all office affairs.
CoordinatorMs. Chia-Ying Lin(02)77491336Email1. Handle IPR application and maintenance affairs.
2. Hold promotion and propagation activities.
Senior StaffMs. Chen-Siou Huang(02)77491331Email1. Draw up relevant legislation, and edit Chinese-English contracts of industrial-academic cooperation.
2. Hold promotion and propagation activities.
Senior StaffYi-Juan Chan(02)77491318Email 
Senior StaffMs. Jo-Han Yen(02)77491320Email1.Conduct the process of department evaluation affairs.
2.Take charge of performance evaluation affairs of all research centers
3.General office affairs.
Senior StaffMs.Ting-Chen Chang(02)77491335Email 
Project StaffMS.Hsiao-Lan Tseng(02)77491218Email 
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