Office of Research and Development

Division of Research Planning and Coordination
Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorDr. Hung-Jen Tan(02)77341317EmailSupervise and synthesize division affairs.
Research FellowDr. Chiung-Ching Tsai(02)77341466Email1.University institutional evaluation
2.Action plan of ORD
3.University strategy plan
Research FellowDr.Chao-Hsi Huang(02)77341465EmailAcademic research and the alumni services
CoordinatorMs. Chiao-Jung Chang(02)77341330Email1.In charge of awarding outstanding professors.
2.In charge of applications for research grant proposals.
3.Recruiting Chair Professor and Distinguished Entrepreneur.
4.In charge of applications for matching funds of proposals.
5.In charge of organizing work report and meetings.
Senior StaffMs. Wan-Yi Shen(02)77341469Email1.In charge of teacher evaluation.
2.In charge of Research Fellow evaluation.
Senior StaffMr. Chia-Ju Wu(02)77341493Email1.Organizing the process of department evaluation.
2.In charge of application and selection of R&D alternative military service personnel.
3.Planning and promoting teacher performance, and effectiveness system for department.
Project StaffMs. Chiang Yu(02)77341217Email1.In charge of application for reduction in teaching hours.
2.In charge of application for managing and establishing centers.
3.expense reimbursement.
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