Office of Research and Development

Office of Research and Development
Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Vice PresidentDr. Ying-Shao Hsu(02)77491314EmailSupervise and synthesize all office affairs
Associate Vice PresidentDr. Chia-Jung Lu(02)77491328EmailAssist and synthesize all office affairs
SecretaryMs. Ching-Ya Chen(02)77491315Email1.Supervise budget control.
2.Handle document inspection.
3.Hold work report and analyze statistical reports.
Senior StaffMs. Rong-Rong Chang(02)77491316Email1.Handle Government subsidies/rewards.
2.Handle MOST and extramural scholarship rewards, selection and approve result of intramural recommend.
3.Handle NTNU’s Research Excellence Reward.
4.Handle NTNU’s International Cooperative Subsidies:
(1) Project of International Research Center.
(2) Subsidy for Project of Talent Elevate.
(3) Promoting Project of International Cooperative Research.
5.Handle “Project of NTU Triangle Alliance”.
6.Handle web information and electronic newspaper.
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