Dept.Post dateTitle截止日期點擊次數
Research Ethics Office2023-10-11Research Ethics Outreach Lectures(III)-Common Ethical Review Issues For Research With Human Participants In The Humanities And Social Sciences 38
Research Ethics Office2023-10-022023 Research Ethics Workshop (IV): Feathers or Arrows at the IRB: Taking Sports Science Research as Example (Conducted in Chinese) 39
Research Ethics Office2023-08-282023 Research Ethics Workshop (Ⅲ): An Overview of Research Data Management (Conducted in Chinese) 68
Research Ethics Office2023-04-192023 Research Ethics Workshop (Ⅱ): Research Ethical Review and Action Research–Human Subjects Protection from an Outsider’s View (Conducted in Chinese) 97
Research Ethics Office2023-04-13Research Ethics Outreach Lectures(II)-Research Ethics in Questionnaire and Interview Research 74
Research Ethics Office2023-04-13Teaching Professional Development Courses of MOE Teaching Practice Research Program 2023 Lectures on Research Ethics-Research Ethics of MOE University Teaching Practice Research: Application Practice 51
Research Ethics Office2023-03-032023 Research Ethics Outreach Lectures (Ⅰ): Informed Consent in Research (Conducted in Chinese)2023 Research Ethics Outreach Lectures (Ⅰ): Informed Consent in Research (Conducted in Chinese) 93
Research Ethics Office2023-02-212023 Research Ethics Workshop (Ⅰ): Ethical and Legal Issues in Research (Conducted in Chinese) 100
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