Instrumentation Center

Instrumentation Center
Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Executive DirectorDr. Chia-Her Lin(02)7749-6221Email1. Supervise all the office affairs.
2. Coordinate related affairs concerning the use of instruments.
(Professor, Department of Chemistry)
Postdoctoral FellowMs. Hsueh-Ting Wang(02)7749-6985Email1. To assist the director of the center to handle the relevant business of instrumentation center.
2. National Science and Technology Council valuable equipment technical advice.
Senior StaffMs. Lyu Lin(02)7749-6984Email1. Administrative affairs of Instrumentation Center
2. Instrumentation management
3. Other supportive tasks
Technical StaffMs. Hsiu-Ni Huang(02)7749-6222EmailEPR
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