Division of Research and Industry Liaison

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Basic Data
NameMs.Ting-Chen Chang
Office phone number(02)77491335
Job titleSenior Staff
Responsibilities1. Local and overseas Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects (under the College of Sports and Recreation) in collaboration with foundations and private entities
2. Management of correspondence from foundations pertaining to events and projects
3. Planning and execution of exhibitions and competitions within and beyond NTNU
4. Collection of academic feedback fund for part-time faculty secondment
5. Matters pertaining to NTNU's Publication Excellence Rewards and dissemination of information about the MOST Award for Publication Excellence
6. Adding NTNU academic journals to both local and international well-known journal indexes
7. Management of the Industry-Academic Catalyst E-Platform
8. IMPACT talents of Industry-Academia Cooperation database
9. ORD asset management
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