Division of Research Coordination

Division of Research Coordination
Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorDr. Ting-Kuang Yeh(02)7749-1322EmailSupervise and synthesize all office affairs (Associate Professor, Institute of Marine Environmental Science and Technology)
CoordinatorMs. Chiao-Jung Chang(02)7749-1326Email1. Handle "NTNU's Cooperative Project Administrative Revenues and Surplus".
2. Hold work report meeting and analyze statistical reports.
Senior StaffMs. Chia-Hui Chien(02)7749-1325Email1. Handle "NSTC Projects Subsidy".
2. Collecting NSTC application documents and providing related statistic.
3. Handle “NSTC College Student Research Project Subsidy”.
Senior StaffMr. Yu Chang(02)7749-1324Email1. Handle Government subsidies/rewards.
2. Handle NSTC and extramural scholarship rewards, selection and approve result of intramural recommend.
3. Handle NTNU’s Research Excellence Reward.
4. Handle NTNU and academic institution sign cooperation agreement.
5. Handle “academic merit teachers assist in the research and consultation”.
coordinatorMs. Shu-Chun Chen(02)7749-1319Email1. Handle “Project of NTU Triangle Alliance
2. Handle "Enhance Academic Research Projects Subsidy".
3. Handle NTNU’s International Cooperative Subsidies:
(1) Project of International Research Center.
(2) Subsidy for Project of Talent Elevate.
(3) Promoting Project of International Cooperative
4. Handle application for NSTC in international cooperation.
(1) Short-term studies of science and technology personnel abroad.
(2) Graduate Students Study Abroad Programs.
(3) Recruit visiting technology talent.
(4) Invite international technology personnel to short-term studies.
5. Handle "Encourage Teachers’ Application for Integrated Research Project Subsidy".
Senior StaffMs. Yi-Nung Chen(02)7749-1323Email1. Handle academic activities subsidies/rewards.
(1)Subsidy for New Instructor's Research.
(2)Subsidy for Convention of International Conference and Seminar.
(3)Subsidy for Arts Exhibition and Performance.
(4)Subsidy for New Instructors' and Researchers' Overseas Thesis Publication in International Conferences.
(5)Subsidy for Original Thesis Publication.
(6)English Paper Editing Service Subsidy.
(7)Subsidy for PhD Students' Overseas Thesis Publication.
2. Handle "Subsidy for Thesis and Book Publication".
3. Processing application for NSTC in international cooperation.
(1)Sbubsidy for PhD Students' and experts' Overseas Thesis Publication.
(2)Subsidy for Convention of International Conference and Seminar.
Project StaffMs. Yung-Hsin Ke(02)7749-1338Email1. Assist "NSTC Projects Subsidy"
2. Handle academic activities for faculties of NTNU, such as academic seminars and workshops.
3. Property management.
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