Division of Academic Research Promotion and Coordination:Law / Subsidy & Reward
TitleNational Taiwan Normal University Research Excellence Reward Policy
ContentsEligible subjects:
Any NTNU full-time instructor or researcher who has won Presidential Science Prizes, Executive Yuan Award for Outstanding Science and Technology Contribution, National Award for Arts, National Cultural Award (Executive Yuan), Academic Award (Ministry of Education), National Professorship Award(Ministry of Education), Outstanding Scholar Award (Foundation For The Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship), Outstanding Achievement Award (Hou Chin-Dwei Foundation), Outstanding Research Award (MOST), Ta-You Wu Memorial Award (MOST), Research Fellow Award (MOST), Award for Excellent Contributions in Technology Transfer (MOST), or Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators in the year of application.

Before the end of March each year, the Office of Research and Development is required to prepare a list of last year's award winners and, with the consent of the President, notify award winners to claim for the abovementioned expenses according to NTNU's accounting policies.

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