Division of Academic Research Promotion and Coordination:Law / Subsidy & Reward
TitleNational Taiwan Normal University Subsidy Guidelines to Encourage Teachers’ Application for Integrated Research Project
ContentsSubsidized parties:
(A) This subsidy applies to any project team that comprises of at least three NTNU full-time instructors, and where participants from outside NTNU account for no more than one-third of total team members; the role of the chief investigator of the integrated research project must also be taken by an NTNU full-time instructor. In addition, at least two of the NTNU participants must have been assigned the role of a principal investigator, who is not currently involved in any other integrated research projects at institutions outside of NTNU.
(B) The subsidy also applies to any research team comprising of two or more NTNU full-time instructors who are applying to participate in Ministry and Science and Technology (MOST) projects. The list of applicable MOST projects shall be announced by the Office of Research and Development.
Subsidized activities:
(A) Team meetings or conferences: Discussions such as research ideas and project applications in the form of small meetings or conferences.
(B) Speeches: Invitation for outside experts to conduct speeches in NTNU, as deemed necessary for the project (for sessions that are longer than one hour per speaker).
(C) Information gathering: Searches, gathering and photocopy of information needed for the project.
Subsidized items and amounts:
(A) Every research team is subsidized up to NT$30,000. Expenses are to be claimed from this sum according to NTNU's accounting procedures. The cutoff date for subsidy claims is December 31.
(B) Claimable expenses for meetings, conferences and information gathering may include: meal allowance (packed meals), data-searching fees, temporary wages, postage, stationery, photocopying and sundry charges.
(C) Claimable expenses for speech invitations may include: speaker's hourly charges and travel allowance (excluding meal and accommodation), but may not be used to claim attendance enticements.
Performance evaluation:
All subsidized parties are required to apply for participation in integrated research projects with MOST or other institutions in the year the subsidy is approved otherwise the applicant will no longer be entitled to apply for this subsidy.
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